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Cloud Concierge: A Safe, Scalable, Cost-Effective Solution

Many companies today migrate their infrastructure to cloud or hybrid environments because they are safer, adaptable, and more versatile than traditional on-premise IT environments. Managing your business’ Azure cloud computing or hybrid environment efficiently and to the best of its potential, however, tends to be a more demanding task. Most small-to-midsized businesses don’t have the additional capital or size to justify investing in a dedicated, on-premise team to manage the Azure infrastructure on a day-to-day basis. This means that many of these companies will not take full advantage of their cloud or hybrid environment and will not reap maximum benefit from it.

At Integration Technologies we have detected this gap where a demand for a fully-managed Azure experience is needed, and we have developed our Cloud Concierge Solution. Cloud Concierge is conceived to provide a 24/7 complete approach to managing your company’s Azure infrastructure, deployment of applications, and consumption of cloud services. Intech will strategize and assess your company’s digital transformation throughout the process, as well as provide a hands-on service after migration to Azure. This is Cloud Concierge: our holistic solution for Azure cloud and hybrid environments.


Misuse of cloud computing resources is common among Azure first-time users. With Intech’s experience handling your Azure infrastructure, you lessen the risk of unnecessary consumption of Azure resources. You also ensure your company’s confidential information isn’t compromised by misuse of the cloud or hybrid platform. Besides managing and monitoring your Azure cloud infrastructure, Intech will also provide a guided usage of the platform. This ensures the members of your company that most need to interact with the cloud have a better preparation and grasp of Azure. Intech’s 24/7 proactive monitoring will protect your operation from any security breaches and has alerts in place to moderate consumption of Azure services.

All reports on consumption of cloud computing resources and the general health of your company’s cloud or hybrid environment on Azure are in real time, easily accessible and readable from any device or computer where you can access our client portal. Alerts can be sent automatically to any indicated device whenever a usage threshold is surpassed.

Scalable & Cost-Effective

Cloud Concierge adapts to your company’s size and needs; as your company’s cloud infrastructure grows and additional service is required, Intech can dedicate more cloud computing resources to your project accordingly. Your company will never need to invest more funds than needed for usage of Azure Cloud Services. With our Cloud Concierge solution, you guarantee an efficient management of your company’s cloud or hybrid environment at an affordable and scalable pricing model. Intech strives to grow with its clients and, as such, costs will only go up as your cloud infrastructure grows and usage increases; you will never pay for hidden costs or receive periodical price hikes.

A Holistic Approach

Intech’s Cloud Concierge Solution is inspired in providing a holistic approach to Azure Cloud Management. Taking every necessary aspect of running an efficient operation on a cloud or hybrid environment into account, Cloud Concierge aims to drive forward our client’s businesses through the optimal use of Azure Cloud services. With Intech as your Microsoft Azure Cloud partner, you will have an experienced driver at the wheel of your digital transformation. Our solution provides CIO’s and COO’s with the help they need, allowing them to concentrate on their business’s operational and financial objectives.

Engage in the Digital Transformation and unlock the full potential of your Azure Cloud or Hybrid environment. Learn how Intech can be your Cloud Concierge: Sign-up Now.

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