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Intech Launches Brand New Website!

Integration Technologies is proud to present its new website! We have been working hard throughout the last few weeks to revamp our website in both content and functionality. We want to make sure our customers can navigate our website more easily, find the information they need, and gain access to all the exciting news and content we have for them in 2018!

With Intech growing and moving forward, we have found the need to readjust and even redesign many areas of our business. As a technology company based in San Juan, P.R., our recent brush with disaster proved to be a difficult trial, but also an opportunity to rebuild and grow stronger. Our business is expanding throughout the Caribbean and; as such, we feel the need to reach out and create value for all our customers. This means we are committed to refocusing our energies towards being a fully-regional enterprise, as we strengthen our position as a leading technology solutions company in the Caribbean.

One of our first steps towards that goal is the release of this new website; we brought in a new team to create a fresh new image and feel to it. We will be adding to it every week, so make sure you are coming back to our blog to see all the great new things we have to offer! We have also rethought how we reach out to you, our customers, as well as a push forward for some of our great programs like DPoR (Digital Partner of Record) for Microsoft Azure.

We are particularly proud of this free program from our Azure customers, who have designated us as their DPoR (Digital Partner of Record. Also, take a look at our services page, where we have added several new Digital Transformation Cloud Advantage Services.

You’ll notice an improved readability and overall refreshing look that makes it easier to navigate. Make sure to visit our blog, where we share highly educational information on several topics related to business technology, digital transformation, information security, and other subjects. The more powerful we are as a community, the more successful our individual efforts will prove to be. Our new website has been designed with you in mind, so expect plenty of interesting content coming from Intech!

Call Integration Technologies or visit our main website for a consultation today and learn how we can make your company safer and stronger.

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