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Intech’s Disaster Recovery Mission In Our Very Home

Disaster Recovery Services is one of the pillars of Integration Technologies’ practice. We provide a service that hopefully never has to be used and that must be relied upon if needed.

Every Puerto Rican -and most people around the world- remembers the fateful days when Hurricanes Irma and María struck the Island in September 2017. It was an event that tested our faith, our strength as a community, and our ability to get back up and recover. At Intech, the core of our business was put to the ultimate test: managing hurricane disaster recovery services for our clients, right here at home. An enormous responsibility fell into our hands: there was a large number of companies and organizations throughout the island that depended on us to get them up and running as soon as possible. Many of our customers were organizations that needed to function urgently, as lives were depending on it: medical services providers, insurance companies, banking institutions, among others. Our customers, our community, and our country needed us to deliver in the midst of the greatest crisis of our lifetime.

We wished it had never happened, yet we are glad we had prepared for this eventuality. We had worked closely with our clients to design, implement, and manage their disaster recovery strategy. We had been monitoring our clients’ information replication to the cloud, making sure their systems could fail over to the cloud site if need be. We had promised that Intech, using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery services, is the right choice and would protect our clients’ companies and investments. Additionally, we had specifically planned for hurricane disaster recovery situations, mindful of our intense Caribbean weather. We are proud to stand here today, stronger than ever as a company, able to say that we delivered and that our client’s systems recovered and functioned quickly. We carried out our task with efficiency. Our Service Desk was always open because we have redundant operators in the Dominican Republic and Florida and our systems reside in the cloud. It was a true test of our capabilities, our resolve, and our fortitude as a technology solution and managed services company.

While nearly half of the Island is still without access to power today, Intech continues to work hard to provide services and contribute to our community doing what we do best: ensuring Puerto Rico’s businesses can move forward and work to rebuild our battered yet resilient country and market. When Intech was first envisioned, we aimed to make IT Services and Security a factor to be reckoned with in the Puerto Rican business world. As Microsoft’s leading partner in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Intech understands the responsibility it bears to protect our clients’ information and to provide reliable and cost-efficient business continuity services. From our smallest client to our most powerful enterprise customer, every entity served by Intech contributes to Puerto Rican and Caribbean societies and we treat them all with the respect and attention.

We hope our nation never has to endure again another test by mother nature like what we have just lived through. Nonetheless, we learned from this difficult experience, that we are strongest when we work together. We are confident that we can -and will- be there for our clients, our community, and our country whenever this task falls upon us again.

Information security and professional disaster recovery management are vital to keeping businesses safe during natural disasters. They should also be a key part of every company’s business continuity planning.

Call Integration Technologies Corp or visit our website for a consultation today and learn how we can make your company safer, stronger, and more resilient.

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