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Simple, Seamless, and Adaptable: Intech’s Azure Migration Services

Migrating to Azure

It’s no secret that business is moving quickly towards cloud-based and hybrid environments. It’s also a fact that Microsoft Azure is taking over as the leading platform for cloud-based app hosting, development, and services. So, when the moment comes to move your business’ databases and app infrastructure to the cloud, which service should you choose? That, of course, is a rhetorical question.

Migrating to Azure is the best option for your company in the market. The real question is, how do you migrate your company without impacting operations and general functioning negatively? Moving from on-premise databases and servers to a cloud environment does require the migration process to be planned, controlled, and deployed with expertise. Migrating to Azure successfully requires an organized effort that takes into account the many factors and challenges that your company will face as the move takes place.

An Organized Effort

Unless there’s an unlikely scenario where your company has a dedicated Azure team on-site, the odds are that you will need to look for external help. At Integration Technologies, we have the experience and the expertise to manage your Azure Migration; we not only aim for the seamless transition of your IT and app infrastructures, but to also help the members of your team adapt and assimilate the new work environment. Integration Technologies understands the many layers that compose an Azure Migration, whether it’s a full transition to the cloud, or the deployment of a hybrid environment.

Planning and strategizing is a vital part of the process. Compatibilities need to be studied to ensure databases, virtual machines, and applications will be compatible with the move to the cloud. Azure is armed with a fully-functional test environment where applications and different configurations can be tested to exhaustion. With a well-tested scenario, the migration process will be free of unwanted surprises and margin of error will be greatly reduced. System downtime for each step of the migration process must also be carefully calculated to minimize the impact on productivity and operations.


Security, Monitoring, and Disaster Recovery

As part of the Azure Migration Service we manage, Integration Technologies provides a highly-secure environment for transitions by using standardized secure protocols for applications as well as end-to-end encryption for VPN’s. Information security is a top priority when migrating to Azure’s cloud, as there is always risk of information loss or leakage when changing from an on-premise environment to a cloud or hybrid one.

Apart from information security, Integration Technologies also provides 24/7 monitoring of both applications and the entire infrastructure that is being hosted on Azure. With a watchful eye on the performance of your systems, your company can rest easy knowing that any discrepancy or system flaw will be immediately detected, diagnosed, and corrected. In the event of system failure or natural disaster, your information and your systems are safely backed by Intech’s dependable Disaster Recovery Services, ready to recover and deliver within minutes of an emergency. Data-loss can be minimal and overall impact to your company can be almost null.

The Human Factor

Migration to the cloud is a highly-technical and delicate process, but even when every technical aspect is accomplished to the highest-standards, there is still the human factor present, which also needs to evolve.

After the change, interaction with applications and general work culture may need to change to adapt to the new environment which comes with its new rules and attributes. The implementation can mean downtimes in production not coming not only from the system, but from team members adapting to the change. Integration Technologies seeks to implement an Azure Migration not only in IT and app infrastructures, but in the culture of your workforce as well. An education and training process on how to use the new systems to take maximum advantage of them is part of our migration strategy for our clients.

Schedule for a consultation with Integration Technologies today and find out how we can help you make a smooth, seamless transition to Azure’s Cloud.

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