Do you want the flexibility to operate your business remotely? We have the solution you need!

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a comprehensive application and desktop virtualization service that runs in the cloud. Your employees will be able to connect from any device and work without problems! 

What do we do for?

Prepare your network: It is important to analyze the operation of your network during peak hours to ensure WVD is operating at full capacity. 

Plan: Pre-plan the consumption capacity by installing monitoring tools that ensure maximum performance of the virtual desktop. 

Analyze: Analyze the needs of users to build a system that allows them to work at full capacity from anywhere. 

Test: We will perform system tests to guarantee and validate the proper operation of the WVD. 


Easy and secure access: users can connect to the virtual desktop from anywhere and access their files and documents without problem.

Cost-effective: Once the installation is complete, the user can access the virtual desktop from any device, including tablets, so the company does not have to buy new equipment.

Security: The data located on the server will be protected even
from the remote user’s device.